One-On-One Yoga

Whether you are new to Yoga or have been practicing for years, we can create a custom yoga program to address your specific needs. These collaborative classes explore what will best serve your body, mind and spirt.


Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma-Informed Yoga is for all people, whether you identify as a survivor of trauma or face the everyday stress and anxiety of life, work and family. Trauma-Informed Yoga celebrates your journey as you befriend your body and breath and reclaim your inner vision and power within.


Wellness Professionals

Customized yoga classes to meet the spiritual and healing needs of healthcare professionals, mental health providers and frontline workers. You deserve self-care. You deserve time and space just for you.


Customized Group Yoga Programs

This past year has been grueling. If your constituents are struggling with heightened levels of fatigue, stress, anxiety and poor sleep we can create a custom yoga program to provide self-care opportunities for calm, replenishment and community connection.


Community Classes/Series

My classes are for all bodies, all levels, all people - whether you seek to heal from trauma, manage stress or anxiety or invigorate your wellness routine. Discover what will most nourish your mind, body and spirit in any given moment.


Corporate Wellness & Team Building

Your employees may be experiencing heightened levels of fatigue, stress and anxiety. Not only can my customized team building yoga classes help reduce stress and anxiety, they can improve health, boost morale and foster an environment where your employees feel their well-being is a priority.


"Colleen is absolutely the best at what she does! The KITM team had a wonderful, calming, and relaxing yoga session with her. I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is looking to not only strengthen their team but to nourish their bodies, mind and spirit ~ Katy Walter, CEO, Kids in the Middle

"Colleen has a tremendous ability to hold sacred space for individuals who require healing. With her conscious awareness, she meets souls where they are at and teaches them— through yoga postures, quotes of wisdom, thoughtful exercises, and her loving example— how to tap into the collective and into themselves, for their highest spiritual well-being. I am grateful to Colleen for the healing she has facilitated in my life." ~ Anonymous