"You have a heart, a light and a style like no other." ~Anonymous

"I am deeply grateful for the work Colleen does in her trauma-informed yoga.  I recently referred a client who has lived with chronic neglect and abuse throughout her life and was finding the work of healing painstakingly difficult. I had hoped the yoga series would at least help her along in her recovery but was not prepared for the level of transformation it provided her.  Colleen’s yoga class and all of its lessons have been truly life-altering and has helped this client find a path toward love and genuine self-care that has proven immensely difficult her entire life.  This kind of opening was simply not happening in therapy and is now accessible to her in all areas of her life.   Colleen is an important part of the movement to bring  more peace on the planet and I am grateful to have her and her work as a resource for healing." ~Kelly Storck, LCSW

"I just wanted to send a "quick" thank-you to you and the amazing facilitation you provide in the Trauma-Informed classes. The work I've been doing in your class (and your particular energy and presence) has offered me the space and capability to tune more deeply into where I hold tightness and why, and has given me more internal resources and trust in myself that I will be present, accountable, and supportive of myself and my needs during challenging moments. I can't express how different and exciting that is for me.  So, with deep gratitude, thank you." ~Participant of Colleen's Trauma-Informed Yoga Series for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

“The Trauma-Informed Yoga classes through InspireMovement have changed my life. Colleen always asks that you choose a mantra or phrase for the session. Sometimes I come prepared but many times she offers just the words I need. The first time I attended her class she offered “you are enough” and it brought me to tears because no one had ever said that to me before. Even if I don’t believe it myself, hearing Colleen say those words out loud makes me, just for moment, believe that they are possible. Even if the rest of the week is horrible, I know that when I come to her class I am perfect just the way I am. That I am enough. That I am not what the voice in my head has been saying for years, but I am wonderful and I have made it this far. Colleen does a great job at making you truly feel empowered in your yoga practice. As both a social worker and a trauma survivor, I highly recommend InspireMovement and Empowered Spaces.” ~Anonymous

"I want to say thank you for the trauma informed class you’re doing.  I’ve been in therapy for eight months and have tried several different things recommended by my therapist to access my experience and feelings so that I could begin to process it and heal. My survival brain is stonewalling myself and has refused to get out of the way and the things we’ve tried either haven’t worked, or have triggered self-destructive behaviors.  I left the class last week and was able to write six pages of how I feel, and feel good about it, but anxious. Feelings I have not been able to access or articulate for 22 years.  I also left the class wanting to do something kind and nurturing to my body.  I have never felt that way before. Ever.  So thank you for what you have offered to all of us.  I know the power is in the yoga, and it’s in the energy and love and compassion and safety that you are and create when we walk into the room.  I am so grateful for you." ~Catherine, Participant in Colleen's Trauma-Informed Yoga Series for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

"What I have gained in the few sessions we have had is a desire to reconnect with myself and my inner being. I so appreciate the love and kindness that you demonstrate during class. It is invaluable. I thank you whole heartedly for your compassion as well as your generosity." ~Trauma-Informed Yoga participant

"My Tuesdays have been blessed with the gift of you letting me go inward. Your hour class has blessed my life physically, emotionally & spiritually.  You are a gifted woman and I thank God I found you." ~Mary Jo Wagner

"I was afraid to try Yoga.  Very afraid.  I adore and trust Colleen, so I have her class a try.  I've been to 3 classes now--I still adore Colleen and Yoga is growing on me, too." ~Carrie Radnov

"Colleen is an amazing instructor, always making you feel at ease and always seems to convey the message you are needing to hear. Highly recommend!!!" ~Erin Kettler

“I’ve tried several yoga classes, and this was the first time I was able to quiet my mind enough to be present for the entire practice, start to finish” ~Rose W.

"Colleen is an amazing yoga instructor. Her tender tone in her voice is so comforting. I would highly recommend attending her classes." ~Sue Gargiula

"Thank you so much for the whole yoga session! I really enjoyed this yoga class. It helped me to review myself and took a breath of my life. I could clearly see how my mindset changes during the session. It was amazing." ~Past Participant of Colleen's Trauma-Informed Yoga Series