"I loved this yoga series. The postures, the pace, the options for movement and rest, the comforting voice of the instructor Colleen, and the quotes all combined for a very positive, calming experience." ~Anonymous


"I've learned so much from your classes. At first I was drawn to the kind, invitational language you were using. I've taken many classes with you and what I've most recently noticed is that I've started to learn how to nurture myself through these classes. My self talk is kinder. When I am having a difficult time, not just in yoga but in life, I am more aware of my breathing and my body. I can use my breathing to calm myself and reduce tension in my body. It has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you so much for your wonderful classes and instruction." ~Anonymous


"I am very new to yoga and when I saw the offering for the free Grief retreat, I knew this was my chance to give it a go. I was lucky enough to have my therapist tell me early on in my grief journey that exercise is like taking a 10mg Zoloft. I took that to heart. When I work out, I tend to go towards high intensity, sweaty types of working out. Slowing down and listening to my body was something I was really trying to avoid after the death of my son. I responded so very quickly to the model of Trauma-Informed Yoga. I needed someone to tell me it was ok for me to slow down and that I could listen to my body and it would tell me what I needed. This was a very foreign concept for me.  I knew I had major trauma locked in my body and I knew I needed to try something different. I can't say enough wonderful things about Empowered Spaces, especially Colleen. She is so kind and caring. She has created a space that I felt comfortable in, right from the start. I had such an interesting experience about 4 weeks into the 6-week Grief and Loss series. I had a really good day, the best day I had in a long time. I thought I would be able to really sink into the relaxation of savasana. I was so confused when I just couldn't rest my mind. All of a sudden, I was overcome with emotion and started crying and released some feelings that were bottled up. It was very profound to experience that type of release. Trauma-Informed Yoga has translated into other parts of my life. I feel calmer and able to restore calm in my body through my breath. I am beyond grateful to have been introduced to TIY. It has become a very important piece of my healing journey and I am eternally grateful." ~Carrie Schmitt (She/Her/Hers)


"After the class I asked myself why did I not try this sooner! Honestly, I've never been a Yoga fan. But I now realize that my previous Yoga experiences might have been more stretchy movements and lacking the "wholeness" component. Your delivery and gentle manner of inviting each movement was so deeply pleasing, warmly welcoming and completely without burden. Thank you for providing a safe place that helped me connect and create a wonderful Wednesday evening experience. I'm so excited to learn and try more Yoga!" ~Lori Allen


"This was another wonderful series with Colleen. This is the only place I currently feel safe to show up for in person practice; Colleen and the other participants take one another's health and safety seriously and it allows us to let our guard down and be in the present moment. Colleen's warm and genuine spirit invite us in to connect with ourselves and experience the hour in whatever way we need. This was my third time doing this series over the past year and I cannot recommend it highly enough!" ~Heidi


"This yoga series offered me a chance to have time for myself and to get in my body to feel my grief. Each week I felt more empowered and like the weight on top of me got smaller. I noticed I felt more like myself and like I could handle stressors as they arose." ~Amanda


"Yoga is something I have always wanted to try. This opportunity presented itself and I finally was able to experience my first introduction. Colleen was very uplifting and calming for each session. I was reminded of how important I am and that taking time for myself is a necessary part of my spiritual growth as well as my physical best interest." ~Kim


"This was my first experience with TIY and it was absolutely delightful! The space created by Colleen felt extremely safe and gave me an opportunity to do what was best for myself (something I struggle to do!) whether it be following along to the practice or taking a step back and just focusing on being present and on my breath. I loved the little exploration sections of our sessions too as they helped a lot of introspection. 12/10 experience in my book and I'd definitely recommend!" ~Ang


"Thank you so much for holding such a peaceful and welcoming space these past eight weeks. This series has been such a vital and necessary part of my fall and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from you." ~Emma


"This was my second time participating in this series and, once again, I'm so glad I did. I'm feeling kind of disheartened by the world right now as I see so many people maskless as the pandemic rages on. There are so many things I appreciate about Colleen and her class (and the other participants); the biggest is how Colleen has cared for us and we have cared for one another physically and therefore emotionally week after week. Colleen has created the safest of spaces physically, and as we've all stepped into that and chosen to honor one another in our actions, we've been able to fully participate, engage, and be present for the practice of yoga. As always, Colleen's calming, genuine, and inviting presence invites each of us in to engage in the practice as our bodies call us to in that moment." ~Heidi Tobe


"After taking Colleen's Trauma-Informed Yoga Classes, I will never go back to a traditional yoga class again. With Colleen's very soothing voice, she allows us survivors to listen to our bodies during class. We are invited to follow the traditional yoga moves that she is doing, or do what feels right for us and our bodies. We can spend the class in child's pose or journaling; there are no expectations at all. It is truly a breath of fresh air and I come away both rested and energized. It’s an absolutely perfect class for trauma survivors and Colleen provides a perfectly safe environment. Colleen is a gem and her classes are the highlight of my week." ~Laurie


"I've tried yoga classes before where I've felt very overwhelmed and frustrated by my inability to keep up with the pace or do all the poses. I felt so safe and comfortable during this class, and so at home in my body after class."~Anonymous


"I was afraid to try Yoga. Very Afraid. I adore and trust Colleen, so I gave her class a try. I've been to 3 classes now - I still adore Colleen and Yoga is growing on me too." ~Carrie Radnov


"Love that you are in our community helping people heal. It is so important. I really do look back at my time in your class as the pivot out of deep grief." ~Kelly


"Thanks for your introduction to trauma-informed yoga.  It has truly transformed and added a healing depth to my practice." ~Tom


"Colleen included as many COVID precautions as possible. This made the class feel safe and inclusive. It was wonderful to be able to do yoga again in a class and know that my well-being was the primary focus. Colleen always provides a calming, flexible, and positive atmosphere; exactly what we all need right now." ~KD


"This series is a gentle and careful journey through the attributes and practices of mind/body wellness. The fact that it is “trauma-informed” manifests in creation of a safe space, a suspension or freedom (if just for the 90 minutes of practice) from the anxieties and burdens we carry. Participants leave each session with suggestions for practice and quotes to inspire and focus thinking. There is nothing morose or invasive in the treatment of trauma here, rather this is an invitation to wholeness." ~Anonymous


"I'm sharing some feedback from the recording of the first session I did at home last night. First...THANK YOU!  I found myself resisting the pace and the length. I'm also type A and as a fitness trainer, I am oriented to a faster, 'get there' type pace of things.  I had to pause and come back after the half way point. But I did! And then, I enjoyed the most restful sleep in at least a week! And the quotes you intersperse are soo soooo lovely. Many thanks!"~Gayle Rose


"I wanted to thank you for creating such a safe and welcoming space, it’s a whole different experience of yoga for me and I’m soaking it in. Thank you!"~Kim Stewart


"Thank you so much for guiding me through the beginning of my healing process. It has been an eye opening experience and helped me realize where I am at with myself and helped me come to the realization of what I struggle with most and what some triggers are for me. I love that I can practice what I have taken away each week moving forward and hope to continue my healing journey through more trauma informed yoga." ~Andie


"This series let me come home to myself. It let me be in my body for the first time in a long time. Colleen provides a space that is so beautiful and healing for survivors of trauma. She gives us choice where we didn't think we had choice before." ~Alyssa


"I wanted to send a note and thank you for your guidance and healing light these last few weeks. Your grace and coaching with TIY has truly helped me and I will take your teachings further into my healing, partnering, and parenting journey. I am grateful for your light and I look forward to seeing you in future classes. Hopefully I can get back into it soon. I am very grateful to have you as a resource in my journey." ~Jennifer Spellazza


“Gorovsky Law is a law firm that works with trauma survivors daily.  We know firsthand the importance self-care and mental health support play in survivors' lives. That is why we take our own self-care to heart so that we can be at our best for our clients.  Our employees work hard on self-care and wellness to avoid secondary trauma among ourselves. When we learned about Empowered Spaces we knew it was perfect for our goals.  We recently took a much-needed team retreat to recharge for a weekend... AND participated in the best yoga experience ever! InspireMovement and Empowered Spaces created a customized virtual care retreat, involving a yoga session and a journaling session, that gave us space for self-reflection, curiosity and self-compassion.  It was wonderful.  We entered the work week feeling so rejuvenated!  We are lawyers who work with assault survivors and so we feel like we never relax or look inward. To say that we truly were able to breathe after Colleen’s session is an understatement.  Even as I sit at my computer today, I can close my eyes, remember some of her words, move my body in some of her gently guided poses, and my shoulders drop a little away from my ears and my breath gets a bit deeper.  I highly recommend Empowered Spaces to all who need to breathe again. Check out their care retreat and other trauma-informed yoga offerings. We can't say enough great things about Kelly and Colleen!" ~Nicole Gorovsky, Attorney/Owner, Gorovsky Law, LLC


"My team and I loved our personalized virtual yoga session with Colleen.  It was restorative and healing for those who were present in unique ways and allowed us a meaningful way to connect with and honor one another.  Colleen was wonderful to work with and you can tell how passionate she is about her work.  The session felt individualized to our needs which made it even more meaningful.  Thank you, Colleen!” ~Andrea Tritinger, BJC Bereavement Supervisor 


“Colleen is the very embodiment of gentleness. She holds space for each student while respecting the need for each participant ultimately to define their own experience. Her class was a perfect place for me as I returned to the mat at a hard time after a long lapse.” ~Ellie


“Colleen’s class is a wonderful space to safely explore being present in your body again. It’s been challenging and comforting to do this work and I’m so grateful to have Colleen as a facilitator.” ~Anonymous


"If you're looking for a safe yoga space following all mask mandates and recommended safety precautions, I can't recommend Colleen at Empowered Spaces enough. I've missed yoga so much (virtual yoga is a great option, but just isn't the same!) and did a 4 week yoga series there this summer and it was truly as safe as it possibly could have been (air filtration system, every window open, every.single.person properly wearing masks the entire time, marked spacing on the ground, and a maximum of six students in the entire space). As someone taking the pandemic very seriously (and subsequently, stepping away entirely from indoor, in person yoga), this was the best transition back into an in person practice I could have imagined. And the precautions I think really made each of us feel safe, cared for, and a part of the community each doing our part to make it as safe as possible. And, if you're not ready for in person, they have virtual options, too! They have equity pricing, meaning you can pay your own way, pay your way plus support the community if you can afford to, or can receive community support/a discounted rate.
Always trauma informed. Always person centered." ~Heidi Tobe


"This class was just what I needed to carve out some time for myself. Colleen is compassionate and does an amazing job with her classes." ~ Anonymous


"Thank you so much, Colleen, for leading such a beautiful practice. It was truly nourishing and you could feel the love you put into it. The quotes are beautiful and I appreciate you sharing them. Thank you, thank you, thank you." ~Shawn Saathoff Chereskin


“I had been away from yoga for a couple of years because of an injury and was scared to start again.  I knew my life was missing yoga for both the spiritual and physical parts of the practice.  I was introduced to Colleen and instantly felt a connection and I was inspired to begin my practice again.  She gently guided me back into my practice and took cues from me every step of the way.  The one on one experience was ideal for me because it allowed Colleen to cater to my abilities and needs.  Every session, she leads with a theme that touches my heart.  Colleen is kind, thoughtful and generous.  I will forever be grateful for Colleen and how she has brought me back to yoga.”  ~Karen Korn (she/her)


"Colleen's calm voice and her gentle loving ways of making everyone feel valued and accepted just as they are. The quotes are always very thought provoking and I enjoy reading them over and thinking about them the next day" ~Anonymous


"Colleen's class for Inner Peace and Wellness far exceeded my expectations! Her invitation to each participant to tailor the practice to their specific needs made for a very meaningful hour of yoga each Wednesday evening.  She also offered a theme for each class which included quotes during the practice and activities for the following week. During a bleak winter of cold and COVID, Colleen provided a warm respite for our bodies and souls! ~ Kathy K


"I am so glad I am taking Colleen Caul's Inner Peace and Wellness Yoga series. As a licensed therapist, I am so impressed with the trauma-informed style in which Colleen conducts her classes. Colleen offers gentle invitations for all the positions she demonstrates, and she continually reminds attendees to listen to their own bodies and feelings, so they are only attempting what truly feels safe and comfortable. She moves at a pace that is relaxed and intentional, and each week introduces new movements with a new theme, supported by inspirational quotes. I believe Colleen's thoughtful and sensitive style would be a welcomed approach  for anyone interested in a trauma-informed yoga class." ~Becky McKenna, Ph.D.


"Colleen, thank you so much for all that you do! We love offering your class to the moms we serve. You have such a calming and healing presence!"~Genny Jessee, Co-founder and Executive Director of June Jessee Memorial Foundation

"That was the first yoga class I’ve taken since the triggering incident I had in one some 8 years ago or so that felt just wonderful, and without any wincing or wanting to leave at any time. I was actually moved, and my whole self remembered what yoga felt like to me before that incident. The choice-centered language is so great, and Colleen does it so naturally and well. Thank you so much."  ~Margaret Howard, LCSW

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to have Colleen as my yoga teacher again. She makes the classes so relaxing, and I am always comfortable doing what feels good in my body during her classes. The class definitely enhanced my wellness and sense of peace & calm.”~Lauren

“Colleen has a very soothing voice and calming words to guide us through a series of poses to an inner place.  Through her guidance, Colleen leads me to a calm, relaxing and confident place which allows me to take good care of myself.  After each class, I feel renewed and ready to tackle whatever I may face.  With much gratitude!” ~Anonymous

"The class is really helping me reconnect with myself during these uncertain times. I feel as if I am on a path to wellness, and despite zoom, feel supported & encouraged." ~Annie Kennedy


"Colleen's classes create a shift for me to reconnect with my body and leave the day's worries behind. I know I can show up to class just as I am and that's enough. Colleen doesn't push anything onto you, but instead allows you to be anything you need to be in class, prompting you to listen to your body. Colleen's yoga classes are empowering and I highly recommend signing up for a series!"~Rita


“The gentle manner in which the instruction is offered is most helpful to me. I can be hard on myself and my self talk can be super rigid and harsh. Since I started taking yoga with you, I've found that I speak more kindly to myself. I so appreciate the quotes during class. The exercises offered at the end of class are an added bonus. The entire experience has been magical and healing.”~Heidi Riddlesperger


“I love your calm voice and your loving energy/presence. I also really enjoyed how you injected appropriate quotes for that week's lessons during the yoga.  Your yoga always made me feel loved and supported and fully held. I loved how you always asked permission in a very respectful way of what movement we wanted to enter into. Thanks, Colleen, for your service to the world.” ~Angie Monko


"Colleen's classes nurture your soul.  The yoga she offers is deeply spiritual, empowering, and calming.  The online space and community Colleen has created is a beautiful culmination of everything she offers in yoga: supportive and open, ready to stand with you through all emotions.  Sincerely, this virtual yoga class is more than a class, and it's exactly what we need in these times." ~Alyssa Scanlon


“Colleen is absolutely the best at what she does! The KITM team had a wonderful, calming, and relaxing restorative yoga session with her. Self-care is vital in this line of work, and Colleen works hard at ensuring the staff feels comfortable and safe. I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is looking to not only strengthen their team but to nourish their bodies, mind, and spirit.” ~Katy Walter, CEO, Kids In The Middle


"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing classes you've been facilitating these last few weeks. This is my first time engaging with your classes and I truly love them - Wednesday's have quickly become my favorite days!" ~Elena Greene


"Colleen’s Trauma-Informed Yoga is an extremely special practice that has been very supportive for my healing. I have been so scared to try and be in touch with my body again after the trauma I experienced but Colleen facilitates a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment in her online course. I now consider trauma-informed yoga to be a very important component of my healing moving forward."~Anonymous


"Your classes are so well thought out and paced.  I always leave feeling refreshed and calm and ready to take on whatever is waiting for me!" ~Anonymous


“This was the first time in over ten years that I actually cleared my mind." ~Bridget


"Absolutely loved your class and the guidance of your soft, caring voice, especially in times of such angst and anxiety facing so much unknown." ~Ellen M. Reynolds MA, LPC


“This yoga series fosters a connection you won't find anywhere else.  Colleen also makes sure that the yoga is accessible for everyone, she offers variation to poses, and is very inclusive.  I would recommend this yoga series to anyone!” ~Alyssa Otten


"I’m *slowly* finding that movement, when thoughtfully and safely incorporated into my traumatic experiences, is creating space for me to do work that I don’t have always access to in my talk therapy.   I’m not sure how this works.  Could it be magic? 🤔 Maybe. 😊 I think though, it’s a combination of the kind heart and valued intentions of the instructor (or as Mr. Rogers would say “the helpers”) (You) and being open to different modalities that are able to give the body, heart, mind and those wounded/hurt parts (Me) access and permission to exist in these places the safest way possible without shame or fear.   When these two can come together, the safe movements along w/ the compassionate space (including kind words and quotes), something very intentional and also very... idk... very unintentional can occur too.   And while I’m not known for my mind or body to be very quick at accepting and moving into new spaces, I am finding that sticking w/ this series (although the two series have been *very* different experiences for me, believe it or not), is allowing me to see TIY as a tool that I actually didn’t know I needed but yet almost something I was kinda subconsciously looking for. " ~Anonymous


"I was amazed after doing just one session with you, I felt so invigorated. The colors outside when sitting on my deck were brighter or deeper and I was more aware (more mindful) of my body in a positive way. The feeling lasted through the next day. Thank you!"~Lise Garger, PT, CSMT


"At the beginning of this series I was anxious and nervous; both about Yoga and being in an intimate setting with total strangers. I was investing not only time but also my energy and really hoped to get as much out of this as I could and Colleen made that possible. The relaxed and comforting atmosphere and her sincere guidance through poses, breathing and journal exercises made it possible for me to become quickly comfortable and focus on myself while making lasting connections with the other participants. After taking this series I feel stronger in myself and feel like I am better able to care for my children, especially my youngest who has special needs and health challenges.  I would encourage anyone who may be considering a series such as this to take the leap and come into it with an open heart and open mind because it is worth it!" ~Lauren Garoutte


"Showing up to my first trauma-informed yoga class with Colleen was probably one of the best healing decisions I've made.  It doesn't even feel like a class so much as a community - an opportunity to gather with others who "get it" and spend some time connecting with our bodies and minds, gently guided by Colleen within that supportive circle.  I love that there's no pressure to do anything, and there's no "doing it wrong" or "not good enough."  As someone who is not at all athletic and hasn't particularly enjoyed the few yoga classes I've tried in the past, it's been amazing to start letting go of any self-judgements and quieting that inner critic.  You can just show up and be yourself - and not only be accepted, but embraced."  ~Anonymous


"Everyone would be able to benefit from taking one of Colleen's classes!  She guides you on your own personal journey to rediscover your self, find your safe place, your brave and scared space, your strong and vulnerable space.  She will facilitate a way to take care of all of your parts through deep breathing and introspection.  She reinforces the primary need we all have to take time for our self, time for healing and time for growing into our best self.  We all deserve an hour and a half per week at the very least to focus on our self.  I am so grateful for Colleen and what she has showed me about me." ~Anonymous


“This was my first in studio yoga experience since the pandemic started. We are living in times of such high anxiety, and the thought of going back in studio has felt like one more scary unknown (Will people wear masks-and properly? Will mandates be respected and enforced? What will spacing look like?). From the initial communications before the series started until the very end, Colleen and every participant cared well for one another through creating a safe physical (and therefore psychological) space to reenter the physical yoga space. As always, Colleen teaches us in a way that honors our individual experiences and what our bodies need. Thank you for creating this space, Colleen. I couldn't recommend it more highly.”~Heidi Tobe


"You have a heart, a light and a style like no other." ~Anonymous


“Colleen is a lovely human who cares deeply about offering safe space for healing.  The space allowed and held the discomfort and dysphoria I have w/ my physical body and also the difficultly I have w/ trusting seemingly simple things like closing my eyes and breathing and relaxing body parts.  Having multiple traumas in my life has made navigation in the word tricky, at best.  Colleen and the space she's created met me where I was each class... each move… even each tear that silently dropped on the mat.  The resistance to feeling the care that is in that space is futile 🙂 and once I allowed myself to give into it (as much as I could) the little bit easier it became to show up each class.” -Anonymous


"I am deeply grateful for the work Colleen does in her trauma-informed yoga.  I recently referred a client who has lived with chronic neglect and abuse throughout her life and was finding the work of healing painstakingly difficult. I had hoped the yoga series would at least help her along in her recovery but was not prepared for the level of transformation it provided her.  Colleen’s yoga class and all of its lessons have been truly life-altering and has helped this client find a path toward love and genuine self-care that has proven immensely difficult her entire life.  This kind of opening was simply not happening in therapy and is now accessible to her in all areas of her life.   Colleen is an important part of the movement to bring  more peace on the planet and I am grateful to have her and her work as a resource for healing." ~Kelly Storck, LCSW


"Colleen has a tremendous ability to hold sacred space for individuals who require healing. With her conscious awareness, she meets souls where they are at and teaches them— through yoga postures, quotes of wisdom, thoughtful exercises, and her loving example— how to tap into the collective and into themselves, for their highest spiritual well-being. I am grateful to Colleen for the healing she has facilitated in my life." -Anonymous


"As I continue the journey of healing, specifically through this 8-week Yoga series, I continue to be in awe of the professionalism, the authenticity, and heart that exists in the sacred space that is Empowered Spaces. This particular journey is a perfect opportunity to focus, slow down, breathe, pay attention to my body. In the experience of the moments of physical, sexual, and/or emotional trauma, or those that experience the trauma of cancer or other terminal illnesses, we lost control to someone’s assaults, or an outside force. Our muscles remember and hold on longer than our intellect. This yoga practice allows us to reclaim control, and make choices that specifically and deliberately heal our mind, body, and spirit." ~Joe Simpson


"I just wanted to send a "quick" thank-you to you and the amazing facilitation you provide in the Trauma-Informed classes. The work I've been doing in your class (and your particular energy and presence) has offered me the space and capability to tune more deeply into where I hold tightness and why, and has given me more internal resources and trust in myself that I will be present, accountable, and supportive of myself and my needs during challenging moments. I can't express how different and exciting that is for me.  So, with deep gratitude, thank you." ~Anonymous


“The Trauma-Informed Yoga classes through InspireMovement have changed my life. Colleen always asks that you choose a mantra or phrase for the session. Sometimes I come prepared but many times she offers just the words I need. The first time I attended her class she offered “you are enough” and it brought me to tears because no one had ever said that to me before. Even if I don’t believe it myself, hearing Colleen say those words out loud makes me, just for moment, believe that they are possible. Even if the rest of the week is horrible, I know that when I come to her class I am perfect just the way I am. That I am enough. That I am not what the voice in my head has been saying for years, but I am wonderful and I have made it this far. Colleen does a great job at making you truly feel empowered in your yoga practice. As both a social worker and a trauma survivor, I highly recommend InspireMovement and Empowered Spaces.” ~Anonymous


"I want to say thank you for the trauma informed class you’re doing.  I’ve been in therapy for eight months and have tried several different things recommended by my therapist to access my experience and feelings so that I could begin to process it and heal. My survival brain is stonewalling myself and has refused to get out of the way and the things we’ve tried either haven’t worked, or have triggered self-destructive behaviors.  I left the class last week and was able to write six pages of how I feel, and feel good about it, but anxious. Feelings I have not been able to access or articulate for 22 years.  I also left the class wanting to do something kind and nurturing to my body.  I have never felt that way before. Ever.  So thank you for what you have offered to all of us.  I know the power is in the yoga, and it’s in the energy and love and compassion and safety that you are and create when we walk into the room.  I am so grateful for you." ~Catherine


"What I have gained in the few sessions we have had is a desire to reconnect with myself and my inner being. I so appreciate the love and kindness that you demonstrate during class. It is invaluable. I thank you whole heartedly for your compassion as well as your generosity." ~Anonymous


"My Tuesdays have been blessed with the gift of you letting me go inward. Your hour class has blessed my life physically, emotionally & spiritually.  You are a gifted woman and I thank God I found you." ~Mary Jo Wagner


"Colleen is an amazing instructor, always making you feel at ease and always seems to convey the message you are needing to hear. Highly recommend!!!" ~Erin Kettler


“I’ve tried several yoga classes, and this was the first time I was able to quiet my mind enough to be present for the entire practice, start to finish” ~Rose W.


"Colleen is an amazing yoga instructor. Her tender tone in her voice is so comforting. I would highly recommend attending her classes." ~Sue Gargiula


"Thank you so much for the whole yoga session! I really enjoyed this yoga class. It helped me to review myself and took a breath of my life. I could clearly see how my mindset changes during the session. It was amazing." ~Anonymous


"I loved the opportunity to let go, relax, and only do what I can do." ~Anonymous