Colleen Caul, Founder

200HR Yoga Teacher

Specialization in Trauma-Informed Yoga 

~13 Hours of Training with Zabie Yamasaki

~20 Hours of Training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment

~14 Hours of Training with the Prison Yoga Project

I am a daughter. My folks taught me how to dream. Anything was possible if you worked hard enough.


I am a sister. My 3 siblings are my best friends.


I am a dancer. I studied ballet for eleven years, taught ballroom dance to 5th graders for many years, and have to dance when a good '80s song pops on the radio.


I am a runner. Since 2004, I have found great joy and release from running. I run in all weather and find the endorphins from running both addictive and therapeutic.


I am a cyclist. I didn’t discover biking until I was 34, but it’s the thing that most makes me feel like a kid again.


I am a wife. Paul has shown me how to appreciate all of the moments, even the small ones.


I am a mother. Huck has taught me how to love like I've never loved before.


I am a forever student of yoga. I find so much inspiration, peace and calm every time I come to the mat.


I am a Type A perfectionist. This is something I’ve struggled with personally since I was a child. I hold endless amounts of compassion and patience for others, but find it very difficult to offer myself that same kindness – that is, until I became a Trauma-Informed Yoga teacher.


I am a Trauma-Informed Yoga teacher. I believe YOU are your best yoga teacher. I believe that all people and all bodies deserve to experience yoga. I believe if we learn to connect to our bodies and follow our intuition, that we can support ourselves in a way that will both strengthen us and bring us calm. I believe if we let go of ideas of what we think we should do or how we think we should move that we will find a way to be that will feel empowering. I believe this style of yoga is life-changing. Learning to love my body and breath – myself – exactly as they show up in any moment has been life-changing.

I facilitated the Trauma-Informed Yoga (TIY) program at Saint Louis University in partnership with SLU Campus Recreation and Wellness from the Fall of 2018 to the Spring of 2022, which was free and open to any undergraduate or graduate student.


I facilitate a variety of yoga series throughout the year at Empowered Spaces, including: TIY Series for Survivors of Sexual Trauma, TIY Series for Survivors of Trauma, Yoga for Caregivers, TIY Series for Bereaved Parents, and Yoga for Inner Peace & Wellness.  In addition, I offer customized group yoga, customized workplace yoga, and one-on-one classes in partnership with Empowered Spaces.


I also facilitate Care Retreats in partnership with Kelly Caul (MSW, LCSW of Empowered Therapy, LLC), which are designed to offer a space to cultivate embodied practices for individual and collective care and healing.

I have had the privilege to provide yoga offerings to these organizations: Saint Louis University, BJC Hospice, Crime Victim Center, Clayco, Gorovsky Law, Family Court of St. Louis CountyWashington UniversityKids In The Middle,  Pedal the CauseCystic Fibrosis FoundationJune Jessee Memorial FoundationHope CreatesS.A.F.E. Alternatives, Gateway to Hope, SNAP (Survivors Network of of those Abused by Priests), and Got Your Six PTSD Support Dogs.


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Stay tuned. Colleen is on an extended maternity leave, but hopes to connect with you in the future.