I co-host Care Retreats in partnership with Kelly Caul, MSW, LCSW of Empowered Therapy, LLC, which are designed to offer a space to cultivate embodied practices for individual and collective care and healing.

They are customized to the needs of your group/organization and can range from a two hour offering to a day-long gathering. Care Retreats will include Trauma-informed yoga and guided meditation for building nervous system awareness and regulation, as well as any of the below topics.

Topics include:

-Cultivating compassion for self and others

-Building awareness of signs of compassion fatigue/vicarious trauma

-Exploration of the impact that trauma has individually and collectively

-Polyvagal theory and the autonomic nervous system

-Space for self-inquiry and self-reflection

-Cultivating a culture of care and belonging 

-Somatic practices for regulation and healing

-Practices to cultivate presence and curiosity

These care retreats can be customized for any organization or group of people to support individuals through compassion fatigue, burn-out, vicarious trauma, and maintaining a work/life/family balance during a pandemic.


To book your Care Retreat or learn more, please contact me.


“I just wanted to send a “quick” thank-you to you and the amazing facilitation you provide in the Trauma-Informed classes. The work I’ve been doing in your class (and your particular energy and presence) has offered me the space and capability to tune more deeply into where I hold tightness and why, and has given me more internal resources and trust in myself that I will be present, accountable, and supportive of myself and my needs during challenging moments. I can’t express how different and exciting that is for me.  So, with deep gratitude, thank you.” ~Anonymous

ā€œI love your calm voice and your loving energy/presence. I also really enjoyed how you injected appropriate quotes for that week’s lessons during the yoga.  Your yoga always made me feel loved and supported and fully held. I loved how you always asked permission in a very respectful way of what movement we wanted to enter into. Thanks, Colleen, for your service to the world.ā€ ~Angie Monko

ā€œColleen is the very embodiment of gentleness. She holds space for each student while respecting the need for each participant ultimately to define their own experience. Her class was a perfect place for me as I returned to the mat at a hard time after a long lapse.ā€ ~Ellie