The healing possibilities within yoga and meditation are universal. I teach all of my yoga classes through the Trauma-Informed yoga lens.  Trauma-Informed Yoga (TIY) is for all people, whether or not you identify as a survivor of trauma.  Hala Khouri best describes TIY as “people informed yoga.” I believe you are your best yoga teacher.

I weave empowering, inclusive, and invitational language throughout my yoga classes with the intention to create a safe environment for individuals to strengthen their inner connection and discover what will most nourish their minds, bodies, and spirit in any given moment. No physical assists will ever be given. With relevant quotes and themes, I hope to inspire individuals to trust their intuition, befriend their bodies, and reclaim their inner wisdom.

My classes are for all bodies, all levels, and all people - whether you seek to heal from trauma, manage stress and anxiety, or invigorate your wellness routine.  My gentle and warm demeanor holds space for individuals to foster inner harmony and connect with a supportive community in an embodied and authentic way.

The freedom to move or rest as you like can deepen your awareness of your body and breath, as well as enhance your ability to self-regulate. With this integrated connection to self, confidence can emerge in all areas of your life.

Ultimately, I hope to empower all people to honor their bodies, experience their breath, and connect with their inner selves, both on and off the yoga mat.



Stay tuned. Colleen is on an extended maternity leave, but hopes to connect with you in the future.


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"Colleen's classes create a shift for me to reconnect with my body and leave the day's worries behind. I know I can show up to class just as I am and that's enough. Colleen doesn't push anything onto you, but instead allows you to be anything you need to be in class, prompting you to listen to your body. Colleen's yoga classes are empowering and I highly recommend signing up for a series!"~Rita

“The gentle manner in which the instruction is offered is most helpful to me. I can be hard on myself and my self talk can be super rigid and harsh. Since I started taking yoga with you, I've found that I speak more kindly to myself. I so appreciate the quotes during class. The exercises offered at the end of class are an added bonus. The entire experience has been magical and healing.”~Heidi Riddlesperger

"Showing up to my first trauma-informed yoga class with Colleen was probably one of the best healing decisions I've made.  It doesn't even feel like a class so much as a community - an opportunity to gather with others who "get it" and spend some time connecting with our bodies and minds, gently guided by Colleen within that supportive circle.  I love that there's no pressure to do anything, and there's no "doing it wrong" or "not good enough."  As someone who is not at all athletic and hasn't particularly enjoyed the few yoga classes I've tried in the past, it's been amazing to start letting go of any self-judgements and quieting that inner critic.  You can just show up and be yourself - and not only be accepted, but embraced."  ~Anonymous