This past year has been grueling. Everyone has been impacted by trauma. Anxiety has amplified and this can take an immense toll on your body. Your employees  may be experiencing heightened levels of fatigue, stress and anxiety, as well as poor sleep. As employees are burdened with balancing the immense demands and pressures that come from living during a pandemic, now more than ever, it is imperative to provide self-care opportunities where they can find calm and replenishment.

The healing benefits within yoga and meditation are universal. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “yoga improves flexibility, balance, strength, energy, mood, quality of sleep and heart health. Yoga also allows participants to relax, manage stress more easily, and connect with a supportive community.”

Colleen’s customized corporate team building yoga classes, in partnership with Empowered Spaces, utilize invitational and inclusive language to empower your employees to:

  • Cultivate personal strength, inner peace & self-compassion
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Strengthen inner connection
  • Build capacity to be embodied (to authentically connect to their bodies and to notice all of the sensations, including emotional, physical and physiological)
  • Discover what will most nourish their minds, bodies and spirit

When yoga is offered in the workplace, these well-being benefits will translate into huge savings for the employer. When employees feel their well-being is prioritized, employee recruitment, engagement, retention, and productivity soar. Employees’ physical, emotional and mental health will improve with yoga, as well as their adaptability. “…medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent. “ ~Katherine Baicker 1David CutlerZirui Song NIH National Library of Medicine

I strive to make my yoga classes accessible for everyone - all bodies, all levels, all people. By using choice-based language and offering many variations throughout the practice, I create an inclusive space where all are welcome, including beginners.

Bringing a yoga program into the workplace is easy to distribute and manage. I can bring this yoga program directly into your workplace for in-person yoga (any room where we could push tables/chairs aside to place yoga mats will suffice), OR I can offer these workshops via Zoom, so an employer would simply need to email a link to the employees.  Employees can participate in their home or office; all they need is enough space for a yoga mat.

To learn more or to schedule your customized corporate team building yoga class as a one-time offering or on a regular basis (quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily), please contact me.


For additional offerings, check out the Care Retreats!

Stay tuned. Colleen is on an extended maternity leave, but hopes to connect with you in the future.

"Everyone would be able to benefit from taking one of Colleen's classes!  She guides you on your own personal journey to rediscover yourself, find your safe place, your brave and scared space, your strong and vulnerable space.  She will facilitate a way to take care of all of your parts through deep breathing and introspection.  She reinforces the primary need we all have to take time for our self, time for healing and time for growing into our best self.  We all deserve an hour and a half per week at the very least to focus on our self.  I am so grateful for Colleen and what she has shown me about me." ~Anonymous

“Gorovsky Law is a law firm that works with trauma survivors daily.  We know firsthand the importance self-care and mental health support play in survivors' lives. That is why we take our own self-care to heart so that we can be at our best for our clients.  Our employees work hard on self-care and wellness to avoid secondary trauma among ourselves. When we learned about Empowered Spaces we knew it was perfect for our goals.  We recently took a much-needed team retreat to recharge for a weekend... AND participated in the best yoga experience ever! InspireMovement and Empowered Spaces created a customized virtual care retreat, involving a yoga session and a journaling session, that gave us space for self-reflection, curiosity and self-compassion.  It was wonderful.  We entered the work week feeling so rejuvenated!  We are lawyers who work with assault survivors and so we feel like we never relax or look inward. To say that we truly were able to breathe after Colleen’s session is an understatement.  Even as I sit at my computer today, I can close my eyes, remember some of her words, move my body in some of her gently guided poses, and my shoulders drop a little away from my ears and my breath gets a bit deeper.  I highly recommend Empowered Spaces to all who need to breathe again. Check out their care retreat and other trauma-informed yoga offerings. We can't say enough great things about Kelly and Colleen!" ~Nicole Gorovsky, Attorney/Owner, Gorovsky Law, LLC

“This yoga series fosters a connection you won't find anywhere else.  Colleen also makes sure that the yoga is accessible for everyone, she offers variation to poses, and is very inclusive.  I would recommend this yoga series to anyone!” ~Alyssa Otten