One-On-One Yoga


If you prefer a more personal, customized yoga class, this one-on-one format might be the perfect fit for you. I tailor these classes to match your specific needs and hopes for your yoga practice. You get to choose the style of yoga (power yoga, vinyasa yoga, mindful movement yoga, restorative yoga, chair yoga, etc.), as well as the pace that will feel the most supportive to you.

These one-on-one classes can be a powerful way to deepen your embodied yoga practice, whether you are brand new to yoga or you’ve been practicing for many years. I believe you are your best yoga teacher, so these classes are collaborative as we explore together what will best serve your body, mind and spirit during any given practice.

One-on-one yoga classes can be booked as a one-time experience or as often as you would like (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Scheduling is flexible.

  It brings me much joy to be a part of someone’s personal yoga journey, and I look forward to hearing from you.

To learn more, please contact me.

Stay tuned. Colleen is on an extended maternity leave, but hopes to connect with you in the future.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to have Colleen as my yoga teacher again. She makes the classes so relaxing, and I am always comfortable doing what feels good in my body during her classes. The class definitely enhanced my wellness and sense of peace & calm.”~Lauren

“Through her guidance, Colleen leads me to a calm, relaxing and confident place which allows me to take good care of myself.  After each class, I feel renewed and ready to tackle whatever I may face.  With much gratitude!” ~Anonymous

“I had been away from yoga for a couple of years because of an injury and was scared to start again.  I knew my life was missing yoga for both the spiritual and physical parts of the practice.  I was introduced to Colleen and instantly felt a connection and I was inspired to begin my practice again.  She gently guided me back into my practice and took cues from me every step of the way.  The one on one experience was ideal for me because it allowed Colleen to cater to my abilities and needs.  Every session, she leads with a theme that touches my heart.  Colleen is kind, thoughtful and generous.  I will forever be grateful for Colleen and how she has brought me back to yoga.”  ~Karen Korn (she/her)