Wellness Professionals


This past year has been grueling. Everyone has been impacted by trauma. Anxiety has amplified. Wellness professionals have been called to carry the heavy weight of this. You give so much of yourself daily as you support individuals and communities in their healing journeys. Vicarious trauma can take an immense toll on your body. You may be experiencing heightened levels of fatigue, personal stress and anxiety, as well as poor sleep. 

You deserve self-care.  

You deserve calm.

You deserve time to replenish your mind body and spirit.

You deserve space just for you.


According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “yoga improves flexibility, balance, strength, energy, mood, quality of sleep and heart health. Yoga also allows participants to relax, manage stress more easily, and connect with a supportive community.”

Colleen’s customized workplace yoga classes, in partnership with Empowered Spaces, utilize invitational and inclusive language to empower you to: 

  • Cultivate personal strength & self-compassion
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Strengthen inner connection
  • Build capacity to be embodied (to authentically connect to your body and to notice all of its sensations, including emotional, physical and physiological)
  • Discover what will most nourish your mind, body and spirit
  • Honor your body, experience your breath, and cultivate inner peace, both on and off the yoga mat

Many variations offered so all are welcome, including beginners.

Currently available by Livestream via Zoom

After the pandemic, in-person classes facilitated at your workplace or at Empowered Spaces will be possible

To learn more or to schedule your customized workplace yoga class for your staff or team members as a one-time offering or on a regular basis (quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily), please contact me.

For additional offerings, check out the Care Retreats!

“I am so glad I am taking Colleen Caul’s Inner Peace and Wellness Yoga series. As a licensed therapist, I am so impressed with the trauma-informed style in which Colleen conducts her classes. Colleen offers gentle invitations for all the positions she demonstrates, and she continually reminds attendees to listen to their own bodies and feelings, so they are only attempting what truly feels safe and comfortable. She moves at a pace that is relaxed and intentional, and each week introduces new movements with a new theme, supported by inspirational quotes. I believe Colleen’s thoughtful and sensitive style would be a welcomed approach for anyone interested in a trauma-informed yoga class.” ~Becky McKenna, Ph.D.

“Absolutely loved your class and the guidance of your soft, caring voice, especially in times of such angst and anxiety facing so much unknown.” ~Ellen M. Reynolds MA, LPC

“I was amazed after doing just one session with you, I felt so invigorated. The colors outside when sitting on my deck were brighter or deeper and I was more aware (more mindful) of my body in a positive way. The feeling lasted through the next day. Thank you!”~Lise Garger, PT, CSMT